Kout Capital’s acquisition strategy is to identify transactions, ideally off market, that are either undervalued or have inherent risks. Through aggressive repositioning of these assets – by way of active hands-on property asset management – Kout Capital seeks to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns.

Kout Capital and its affiliates have close relationships with major financial institutions, investment banks, lenders, and brokers, as well as proprietary relationships with owners and operators in all sectors of real estate across the Region.

Kout Capital currently has assets under management of over $300M. Kout Capital is aiming to source transactions

that require the deployment of between $10M and $30M of equity capital, although larger transactions may be considered. Kout Capital has a strategy of not seeking to financially engineer returns through high levels of financing within the capital structure, rather preferring to rely on the basic characteristics and property asset management opportunities of the underlying investment/property under consideration for acquisition.

  • Direct


    Kout Capital will source, analyse, advise upon and assist a client in the implementation of direct acquisitions. Sectors very familiar to Kout Capital include office buildings, retail centers, multifamily residential, student housing and mixed-use properties.

    With the diversified experience of Kout Capital, investors and clients can deploy capital in the real estate sector without the need for a direct presence on the ground or in individual markets. Kout Capital seeks to recommend the acquisition of the right properties to meet the objectives of a particular investment structure or fund, and then provide advice aimed at achieving efficient, effective and professional property asset management, all in an effort to maximize value through a planned exit strategy.

    Kout Capital have the ability, through its network of contacts, to gain access to off-market transactions.

    Kout Capital clients are of many nationalities and utilize a variety of tax structures designed to limit tax leakage and enhance returns.

  • Aligned Interests


    Kout Capital will seek investments for its clients with ‘best in breed’ developers, owners and operators of real estate. As part of a joint venture investment, Kout Capital may require that the joint venture partner makes a material investment alongside a Kout Capital client equity investment. These alignments seek to ensure that conflicts of interest between partners are limited, enabling a Kout Capital client to benefit from a partner’s expertise in development, operating, leasing, property management, asset management and/or other day-to-day aspects that come with the ownership of real estate.

    Kout Capital have built up an enviable array of proprietary relationships across many sectors and disciplines. It is Kout Capital’s intention that these many partners will become multi-transactional.

  • Kout Capital Services


    Kout Capital offers its investors the full service of advice required when purchasing, owning, managing and releasing real estate investments across the globe and within the MENA region in particular.

    Kout Capital offers significant experience and knowledge across the major sectors of the real estate industry worldwide; especially in the MENA region. With its knowledge and contacts, Kout Capital is able to secure access to premium opportunities, often off market.

    Services offered include advice on structuring, due diligence, research, Sharia’ah compliance, development, refurbishment, financing, property asset management and exit strategy.

  • The Kout Capital Added Value


    When investing across the spectrum, from stabilized to development properties, residential to commercial properties and across geographies, the global outreach of Kout Capital will enable us to critically assess each project and seek to maximize value.

    Kout Capital seeks to provide access to quality transaction flow, institutional and regular reporting, superior property asset management and robust risk-adjusted return opportunities.