We are a highly skilled investment management entity based in Kuwait.
We offer specialized real estate management services for investments globally and within the MENA region.

Kout Capital offers specialized real estate advisory and management services for global and MENA region investments.

Our team is responsible for advising and assisting its clients in direct real estate investments, including investments in joint ventures, high-targeted yielding real estate and development opportunities across the globe and the MENA region.

Investment targets are in all sectors of the real estate industry including all key and specialized commercial assets, as well as residential, senior living and student housing.

The company regularly monitors, advises upon and provides assistance in respect to client investments, related property asset management plans and exit strategies, in an effort to achieve high risk-adjusted returns.

Through its extensive network of specialized professionals in the target geographies, we are continually monitoring the real estate markets across the globe and the MENA region and across all sectors, so that suitable investment targets can be identified and targeted.

We are able to react quickly to potential opportunities and regularly develop new local relationships with key partners and stakeholders across the regions.

Kout Capital and its affiliates’ clients are more than just reliable capital sources to the marketplace. They are also a single source for real estate investment opportunities – for the investment community and joint venture partners.

Our investment objective is to provide services consistent with clients’ goals of capital preservation and achievement of middle to long-term appreciation through performance. The company believes that successful real estate investment predicated on a risk/reward assessment based on a research-driven approach. That is combined with hands-on practical advice by experienced senior-level real estate professionals.

Kout Capital’s acquisition strategy is to identify transactions, ideally off market, that are either undervalued or have inherent risks. Through aggressive repositioning of these assets – by way of active hands-on property asset management – Kout Capital seeks to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns.

Kout Capital and its affiliates have close relationships with major financial institutions, investment banks, lenders, and brokers, as well as proprietary relationships with owners and operators in all sectors of real estate across the globe.

Kout Capital currently has assets under management of over $300M. Kout Capital is aiming to source transactions that require the deployment of between $10M and $30M of equity capital, although larger transactions may be considered. Kout Capital has a strategy of not seeking to financially engineer returns through high levels of financing within the capital structure, rather preferring to rely on the basic characteristics and property asset management opportunities of the underlying investment/property under consideration for acquisition.

    Kuwait Office

  • Saad Al Wazzan Founder and Chairman

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  • Antoine El Khoury Chief Executive Officer

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  • Waly Dolaty Senior Vice President - Legal & Compliance

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  • Hessah Al Wazzan Real Estate Investment Analyst & Client Relations

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